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Melanoma and its Recognition, with Melanoma Pictures

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With ozone depletion increasing our exposure to dangerous UV radiation from the sun, skin cancer, or melanoma (the ultimate form of sun poisoning), is on the rise.

We can minimize our risk my paying careful attention to limiting our exposure, and using various forms of sun protection, such as sun protecting creams for exposed skin, and sun protection clothing, glasses and hats for the rest of our bodies.

Just one or two lifetime events of serious blistering sunburn can increase your chances of later melanoma, and it makes sense, without any paranoia, to check yourself over now and again.

The information here is intended to help you with this checking. If you have the slightest concern, seek professional advice immediately. Do not rely on these pictures for an actual diagnosis. Caught early by your physician, melanoma is eminently treatable.

Be aware that diagnosis is immensely more subtle than these few pictures can show, and looking through them is no substitute for years at medical school.

So, with these provisos, you will find the two new articles by clicking on the following links :

What is Melanoma ?

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