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Should you be in Egypt tomorrow ?

Tomorrow, 22nd October, is the day when at dawn a shaft of sunlight strikes deep into the Sun Temple of Rameses ll at Abu Simbel in Egypt. This is one of the two days per year when the sunlight passes between the four great seated 65ft statues of Rameses as sun God, and illuminates the four images in the sanctuary. Reputedly the Temple was oriented so that this would occur on the Pharaoh’s birthday, but if so it is now a day late. This is the angular error introduced when this temple was bodily moved and reconstructed on higher ground to save it from flooding by the Aswan dam in the 1960’s.

At the magic moment the temple is apparently crowded with expectant significance-hunters. From my personal experience even running the usual compulsory gauntlet of importunate tat-purveyors cannot quite sully the grandeur of Abu Simbel.

Though you do have to keep calm when you enter the 727 aircraft for the flight and see the torn and hanging roof lining and damaged locker hinges. You try not to imagine the maintenance levels on the bits which matter but are out of sight.

Interestingly, another much more extensive Sun Temple of Rameses ll was earlier this year newly-discovered beneath a Cairo suburb, and is currently being excavated, within the limits of practicality.

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Visit the Konarak Sun Temple ?

One of the most astounding sites of Sun Worship anywhere in the world, vying even with the splendor of Egypt, is the Konarak Sun Temple. Learn about this magnificent location, and its history and mythology, by clicking Konarak Sun Temple to read our new article. Then, like me, dream of going to see it !

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