Solar Events


Hinode sends back its first solar images

The japanese solar observation satellite Hinode (previously know as Solar-B) is sending back its first pictures.

From the SOT (Solar Optical Telescope):


And from the XRT (X-ray Telescope):


More details on the NASA website here.

Hinode is one of an internationally planned fleet of solar observing spacecraft, which includes Stereo, a recently launched NASA mission that will gather three-dimensional imagery.

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Filming the Sun in 3d

US space agency Nasa has launched two spacecraft that are expected to make the first 3D movies of the Sun.

The Stereo mission will study violent eruptions from our parent star known as coronal mass ejections (CMEs). The eruptions create huge clouds of energetic particles that can trigger magnetic storms, disrupting power grids and air and satellite communications.


The mission is expected to help researchers forecast magnetic storms - the worst aspects of “space weather”.

“Coronal mass ejections are a main thrust of solar physics today,” said Mike Kaiser, the Stereo project scientist at the US space agency’s (Nasa) Goddard Space Flight Center. “With Stereo, we want to understand how CMEs get started and how they move through the Solar System.”

Stereo solar observation mission - details

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Such an unusual Sunset Picture


I couldn’t resist this beautiful and rare picture of the setting sun. A classic “Etruscan vase” sunset imaged by Michael Myers as he looked over Pamlico Sound.


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Mercury transit will be on Nov 8th

If you are into watching transits, this should be a good one. Transit will be visible in its entirety only from the West Coast.

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