Solar Events


Although we no longer worship the sun, as some of our ancestors did, it is still the ultimate source of the energy we use, and the essential driving force behind our presence on this planet. We have evolved precisely to match the life-giving support it and the earth provide.

Our eyes are adapted to respond to those of its wavelengths which reach the planetary surface. Our bodies operate at temperatures determined by what it provides as an equilibrium. Our metabolism is adapted to digest the lifeforms it can support, and thus indirectly all our energy comes from the sun.

In the past the spiritually inclined worshipped it. More recently those of enquiring mind have studied it, and learned much about the fabric of the material world. Over the millennia man has developed more and more sophisticated ways of harnessing its output to his needs, leading in the present to its new possibilities as a totally clean energy source. Ultimately we are powerless before it, as we see in the weather systems which it drives, and their ability to bring death and destruction, as well as fertility and growth.

Here at our objective is to reflect every aspect of the sun’s story. You will find a growing collection of core articles providing background on many aspects of our local star, and of our relationship with it. You will find links to the best internet sources for more detailed information. And we will do our best to keep you up-to-date with recent events, discoveries, and progress in all these related areas.

Posts and articles range from the abstract and academic to the practical, and touching on the bizarre, the whimsical, and the humorous.

Have fun - and remember - without the sun your earthly existence would never have got off the ground !